Sunday Scoop: 2-28-16

Sunday, February 28, 2016
I love today because it meant that tomorrow is a leap day. So, I am linking up with some blogging buddies of mine for Sunday Scoop at Teaching Trio!!!
3 Things...
~You know, I never thought that working on TPT products would be a lot of hard work. I now do that about four hours a day. I am opened on tips on how to promote them because I am still new.
~My church is watching Woodlawn today. I am so excited because I never watched the movie before.
~Well, it is time for me to budget to see what to spend and what not to spend it on.

2 Things...
~I really need to exercise and also focus on how to eat healthy.
~Work on many activities that are for the month of March and April. What to do when they are rapidly approaching.

1 Thing...
I am an auntie!!!! My sweet nephew Bryson Lee came into the world on February 26, 2016. I am a bit excited that I am an aunt. I am also an aunt to a sweet girl. So let's just say that I will be spoiling these two.

Have a great day and last days of February!!!

Sunday Scoop 2-21-16

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Hey ladies, it is drizzy and going to rain almost...all...week. Wish it was going to snow though. But, I am launching linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.

Most of this is pretty self-explanatory. My TPT store is getting a much-needed makeover. I am finally at a point where I can make a blog button and a TPT button. Also, I am making a banner for my TPT store. I am trying to customize the store, but it went belly up. Still trying.

I was on my feet most of Wednesday and lifting heavy boxes. That technically counts as doing some form of exercise. Right now, I am resting as a result of that.
Finally, is there anyone who is trying to create Spring February. That's me. Don't laugh about it.

Here is my Sunday Scoop! Have a great day and remember to stay dry and warm.

Why I Love Periscope...And You Would Too?

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Hello ladies,the latest craze has since swept the social media world and yes, I am talking about Periscope. I am linking up with some wonderful blogging buddies of mine for an awesome Periscope linky.

 Well, I am a student teacher and I love to participate with professional development to see what ideas I have for my own classroom. Well, I started in July 2015 and I never looked back. I especially loved the little whistle notification sound every time (Am I the Only One?).
I always wanted to know who are my favorite Periscopers as well as what they accomplished in my life.

Well, I love this because it is designed for the teachers and also great to use for PD along with getting some great ideas for the classroom. Plus, awesome teachers on the same place periscoping about something...Awesome Sauce!!! Please follow iteachnetwork and you will love the ideas that are present in the teachers that will make you ready to create your own classroom and use the tips.

I love anything Amy Lemons. I love when she periscoped with something about tutorials for TPT, which I did with one of the profile pictures. She has an awesome blog and also great TPT products, but her Periscopes are great to watch and listen to.

 Ok, I am going to admit something. I am a diehard fan of Sheila Jane Teaching. Her Periscopes are awesome to watch over and over. She has the best ideas and also what is needed for you to implement in your classroom.

This is one of the first people that I followed on Periscope when I joined. Ashley Schroeder is great with her fun Periscopes and also she is one of the reasons that I joined Periscope. I did not go to the TPT conference and well, her and the next person I will mentioned made us feel like we were there.

Angie Olsen is another one that I started to follow when I joined, Ashley and Angie's periscopes whether or not they are together or separate, are the best to listen to. At the end of the day, both of their accounts are great to follow because it gives forth a sense of tips to learn. is a great website to store your Periscopes because you want to watch them again and Periscope offers the videos for 24 hours. Here is one that I did the same day that it was storming and threat of tornadoes in Alabama.

What I love about Periscope is that you are joining a great big line up of people who love to see in the other person's eyes as well. At the end of the day, this social network is perfect for the kid to work on. #PeriscopePD.

Have a great week, I will be Periscoping soon as well.

Sunday Scoop 2-14-16

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Well, I am doing another Long Distance relationship version of Valentine's Day. So, I am linking up with Teaching Trio for a Valentine's Day version of Sunday Scoop.
3 Things I have to do...
~ Work on updating my TPT products and also create new dimensions for my digital paper. Right now, I am also in the process of securing the files myself on some given time.
~Right now, my back is basically hurting like the Dickens so I am in bed right now resting like crazy.
~I need to clean my room and my closet especially. I am on a cleaning kick since this year.

2 Things...
~I could work on new TPT products that will be perfect for the upcoming seasons. Also, I would finally work on ore digital papers and hopefully some fonts as well.
~My bible studies online are going to have to dwindle down. I am excited and also trying to find fresh ideas.

1 Thing...
After days of freezing cold and no snow stuck to the ground in my area. I am ready for a little warm weather, just kept away from storms and such. I am ready for Spring to arrive due to the fact that I could wear my flip flops again.

Have a great day and happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday Scoop 2-7-16

Sunday, February 7, 2016
Happy Super Bowl day!!! What better way to top it off with Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio
3 Things...
-I am now ready to work on more TPT products and also update on some. 
- Research some blog designs to see how they are made. Then work on tutorials as well. 
- I have a few conferences to determined in which would fit my budget that I am making this year.

2 Things...
- Exercise often and be on diet
- Plan ahead to see what would happen soon. Organization is a great thing for me. 

1 Thing...
Super Bowl is here. I always work on something because in reality, the game and also the halftime show are good. So, I need to make sure not to destroy my computer if the Broncos win or lose. Who are you rooting for?

Have a great day and a great week!!!

February Pick 3 Pinterest

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Hey ladies, I have been sick and also I am droopy. Bit, that would not stop me from linking up with a few of my blogging buddies for their Pick 3 Pinterest Party.

This is a great President's day activity. I love that not only this is a craft, but it is also a great way to be informed as well. Also, this will be perfect to use anytime. 
Click For Original Source

What is the great way to focus on reading and also Valentine's Day. Having a door decorated to illustrate the favorite book characters of each child.
Click For Original Source

Finally, speaking of Valentine's Day. What about mixing Valentine's Day with science. Create a science kit based on Valentine's Day and give it to each child. Not only they would love it, they would want to play with the younger siblings or cousins at home.
Click For Original Source

Remember to link up and also get some ideas that would be great to use for your classrooms.

February Currently

Monday, February 1, 2016
Hey guys, I am linking up with Farley for her Currently.

Listening: I know that I am not the only one that would watch the caucuses on TV. I want to see who would give interest to the education issue.

Loving: So everyone knows that my new name for my blog and TPT store is Lesson Plans and Computers. I love the name because not only does it seem to fit my personality, but during my sabbatical, I was in love with my computer and doing lesson plans.

Thinking: I was thinking of what blog design to focus on. For all who don't know, I am the worst when it comes to making decisions. So, this would be a moment to remember.

Wanting & Needing: Exercise was basically my new frontier to focus on. I always wanted to do it at night or what else.

Swooning: I pretty much am biased over who I am swooning. But, it is basically my boyfriend of two years. He has been there for me and also to focus on what to bring.

Have a great day and check out Farley's blog.
Check Out Her Blog

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