January Currently- The First One

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Well, technically it is the end of December and i am still going to link up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently.

Between the one year anniversary with my boyfriend and also the big football game coming up(Roll Tide!!), blogging can also be a great way to be calm.
Listening: Well, I am a huge fan of Investigation Discovery and I always love watching this during the entire time.

Loving: Well, ladies and gents, 2015 is around us and is happening tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the new year can bring.

Thinking: Oh, and there is more cause for celebration...I am turning the big 2-5!!! I cannot wait and that would bring what is happening around me with huge changes coming soon.

Wanting: to say to each and every one of you "Happy New Year" and thanks for making me a part of your blogger community.

Needing: I had a nasty toothache the past few days and that meant that I have to put some sort of medicine on it and it really stinks. I hope this toothache goes away once and for all.

Yes: I will be devoted to losing weight and also being fit and healthy.
Maybe: I will schedule and organize more and more
I Wish: Ok, I always wanted to be a restauranteur before I step foot into my old elementary school. I would always wanted to have a restaurant planned and also make some signature dishes. That is what happens when I watch too much Food Network.

Link up with Farley and check out other posts and Have a Happy New Year!!!

Reflections on 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014
Hey guys, I cannot believe that 2015 is here. I was reminded that I need to reflect on what is happening back then. During my classes, I was reminded that having students reflect on the end of the day can be a great thing to let you see what the learned from each day.

I created this linky as a way for us teacher bloggers( or other bloggers) to reflect on 2014 and prepare ourselves for 2015.

For me, I am learning more about myself, especially becoming 25 on the 3rd of January.

1. I really need to be organized because well, I am  not that much clear when it comes to organization. I am making a planner and I am planning to follow through with it. Also, I need to write more posts and also prepare my schedule for the day. When I am done, I need to highlight the task that I did.

2. I need to do more exercise. I am happy that the eating season is over for holidays and that it is time for me to be fit and start preparing for my first race. I am excited that one day this year, I may do a race and maybe it is time to be on a diet in a way.

3. I need to make new friends and keep the old. I love to make new friends each year because I am getting to meet others who share the same interests like me.

4. Lessons are a huge factor since I am becoming a teacher. So, that means that lesson planning is a huge plus for this coming year. I am stocking up on Pinterest mania and that has happened since last year.

5. I need to go to sleep early. Right now, I am writing some of this at 1:00 in the morning. I need to set an alarm and get everything done before that given time. Right now, I need to break that nasty habit.

However, there are some goals that I made for 2015...
1. Follow my resolutions this time and make sure that I have fun while doing this.
2. I would put more effort into blogging by blogging at least twice per week.
3. I would schedule out activities and blogging because for me, blogging is not a hobby, it is more like a job to me and a place to make new friends and share ideas.
4. Step out of my shell a lot and not worry. 2014 was Worrying Jasmine and now 2015 would be the new and improved Jasmine.
5. Have fun!!! Whatever I do this year, I would put all the fears away and have fun. You only get to be the big 2-5 once.

I have been weighing this since creating this linky, but I am going to make this a end-of-the-month thing each month which means get those posts ready and I will have this linky opening back up towards the end of January. The reason is that I wanted to see how it goes as a monthly thing.

1. Grab the images and link back to the blog with my blog button or my image or even a simple link to my blog name.
  My 2014 Lessons: Basically what you have learned about your life in 2014 and what you found out about
  2015 Goals: What are your goals for the upcoming year, make it creative.
  One Final Surprise: This can be anything from announcements to freebies to even a random thing. This is a place for teachers to get to know each other.
 2. Remember that we need to show the love to teacher bloggers so that means comment on the two blogs before you.

3. Finally, have fun and link up and you would see other bloggers too. This goes all the way to the weekend so have fun and have a Happy New Year.

See you in 2015...

Sunday Scoop: Last One of the Year

Sunday, December 28, 2014
Well, I am excited that this is the last Sunday Scoop of the year. The next Sunday Scoop is going to be when I am 25 years old. I cannot believe it. Well, time to link up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.
3 Things I have to do...
1. Well, I made a resolution that I need to organize and plan stuff and that meant blog posts. For me, that would mean that I need to see what linky parties are available and also what areas are given to make sure that this time, that I would not forget a day to blog.

2. My books finally came from Liberty and that would mean that I need to start preparing for the school year coming up. I am an early worm when it comes to school and that would meant that mostly I need to again organize and plan my school stuff. I need a blog post on how to organize soon.

3. Well, almost a year ago, my boyfriend and I decided to be in a relationship and Wednesday would be one year. I am excited to see where our future holds and this guy, I have been praying for him all along.

2 Things I hope to do...
1. I am going to start following a reading plan and that would mean again...organize and plan. I am also going to use my other blog to schedule posts based on that too.

2. Well, now that the eating season is over for holidays, I need to work out and also exercise to be fit for 2015.

1 Thing I'm happy to do...
Well, tomorrow is a big day for me. Get your blog posts ready and that would mean that we need to do a reflection on what is coming up with 2015 around the corner. I am excited that this is going to go off without a hitch( maybe). However, that would mean that everyone think of what you will learn in 2014 because I have another announcement at the end of the linky party post.

Link up with them and have an awesome last Sunday of 2014.

What Are My Goals?

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Well, I hope everyone have a wonderful Christmas. Now, we are focused on 2015 to get here and set some new goals to bring in that flavor. I am linking up with Mrs. D's Corner for her goals linky and here they are.
Personal: I wanted to make new friends and also be more involved such as going to blogger meet-ups and also participate(hopefully) in blog hops and linky parties.

Professional: I wanted to build a professional network of teachers for me to get ideas from and also tips and tricks of teaching. Also, I wanted to substitute this coming year.

Planning: I would organize more about what is going on this week. For me, that would mean that the planner would be in full swing this year.

Organization: Same as planning but I would have to use the highlighter and highlight what I've done.

Students: I will be more outgoing and also I will not be scared when it comes to full moon day.

Motto: I love the book Eat, Pray, Love and I use that motto everyday in my life. I will love, eat, and pray everyday.

I am about to put my linkup on live today, stay tuned for more about that.

My 2015 Resolutions

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Well, it is that time of the year for me to be thinking of a few goals that would be more in a sense of what to encompass when I am in 2015 at the age of 25. I am linking up with Jessica from Second Grade Nest for her 2015 Goals linky.
If you want to see my goals for 2014, click here

My resolutions are what is a reflection of what I want the new Jasmine to be...
 Be a substitute teacher
I wanted to be a subsitute teacher and also that I am excited to be able to teach the children even if it is in a different role. However, there may be a catch that I will be a substitute teacher even in high school *fingers crossed*
To build a network and start job searching
I am loving that I need to start preparing for when I graduate and that would mean that I need to write a resume and also that I need to build my network.
 For me, that would be that I need to prioritze and also that would mean scheduling and organizing everything in my life. That would mean that it needs to start before New Year's Eve.
 I would need to also showcase what I am and step out of the box. I can admit that I was shy and that can be more focused on what I need to do and step out of the box.
I would love to go to Hawaii and relax. I would have daydreams that I would try to surf and also loung around the pool and the beach. 
 I would love to try fajitas because I wanted to taste the sensation of what to do with the Mexican food that I never tried since I did not order anything except Enchiladas (insert laughing here)
 I wanted to learn how to knit something such as scarves for me to make in the winter time or in my down time.
Worry is what I wanted to give up and is wanting to give up. I have never been more worried this year and it has taken a toll on my energy so i am going to be worry-free soon. 
I need to do more of cooking because I need to prepare myself better to be in the kitchen and that would be a great benefit for my boyfriend so I would not order anything out all the time. 

I wanted to accomplish is going to blogger meet-ups and also go to conferences. I would love to connect with my fellow bloggers and see everyone face-to-face.

Link up with Jessica for her 2015 goals and have a merry Christmas

My Favorite Things

Monday, December 22, 2014
I am linking up with Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures for her Favorite Things linky party.
Now, I love favorite things, not to the level of the Oprah Favorite Things moment. Remember that. However, it doesn't matter what money can buy, it is the greatness of what money can do along with what no money can do.

Here are some of my favorite things:

I can never go without my Evernote. It is an app on both my phone and tablet along with computer. Anything that I want to save would go straight to the app for me to view. Also, it can do pictures as well and is a great thing to prepare for blogging posts.

Yea, that is another one of my favorite things is Netflix. I love watching shows that I am in love with such as Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, and there are a few old shows like Everybody Loves Raymond that I love to watch. Now, the best thing is that there's a kid section and that means that my favorite kids shows are also on there as well.

Yes, I have a fit that someone from church gave me. it is a great tool for me to throw around my room when I am mad so no one would be hurt except for that. Read the description and that would be perfect for teachers in their classrooms...during free time after being with kids. I am going to put this one in my room for kids to use and for me to use as well.

I have one of these at my house and I will tell you this...they can make the room smell better with a sense of what you want to create. It can be a mixture of scents or just one, but it can feel and smell like paradise in your on house.

TV Shows:
I have a whole mess of TV shows that I love and that I adored but my heart always goes out to The Walking Dead.

So that is some of my favorite things and I thank you for sharing this with me. Link up to Erica's page for your favorite things.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

My 14 Moments in 2014

Well, I cannot believe that in a couple weeks, 2014 is going to be a distant memory. Thinking of The Way We Were while writing this post. But, 2014 is the most memorable year for me in a huge way.

Today, I am linking up with some of my blogging buddies for their 14 in '14 party.
Well, I have a lot of moments, but here are the lucky fourteen that made the list.

 Well, my blog went through a sorts of identity change until The Dots of Teaching stick and rightfully so because this is the spark that got me the Liebster Award.
I was nominated by Alexandria from Classroom Action with Miss Jackson and Katie from Living The First Grade Dream.

 I was able to be in a bible study with a few girls about how to overcome insecurity and I enjoy being with these ladies left and right. The book that we went over was So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.

 Unfortunately, not all moments were good. In August, my grandma passed away at the tender age of 88 after fighting illness for a few years. I kept her legacy inside of me and I am not ready to post a picture of her yet because that would be too hard.
I have a great time with these awesome friends because they are funny and also have a great time with my blogging friends celebrating life online. Hope I get to see everyone in real life soon.

So now, I am on the DIY trail because I am thinking of ideas of how to spruce up my dream home. Here are a few crafts that I did.

 I finally hiked a trail!!! For my training, I hiked on the Hurricane Creek Park and well, besides falling and landing on my butt, everything was great.

I got accepted into Liberty University and I would start classes on the 12th of January. However, that would mean field experience galore.

 I recently did field experience at a preschool in my area. I hope that would turn into a job real soon. I love the kiddos and the atmosphere.

 We recently move into a new apartment and I cannot be any happier about that.

 I was accepted into University of Phoenix and been a proud student there until this month.

 Easter was a great time for this girl and also a busy time since I was in choir and drama at the same time.

I got the experience of having a Sonshine Sister to bless me with gifts and prayers. Here are a few things that I got...

I am in the process of working on my new blog for people to follow. I am excited but a little nervous. I decided that it was time to start a personal blog about my life besides teaching.
Disclaimer: There may be some teaching in there.
Well, I am in a relationship with an amazing guy. He and I met online and we are currently in a long distance relationship.But, I saw him and well, if I show you a picture, then pretty much he will be mad at me so there would be peace in paradise.

That is it with the moments of 2014. Remember to link up.

Thanks and Have a Happy New Year.

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