My Christmas Questionaire

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Today, I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for her Christmas Questionaire.
I love this because it gave me a chance to see how everyone is doing.

1. When do you decorate? 
I decorate in November usually, but this year with my sickness, I am now decorating in December, most likely the tree since we got the stuff on there. 

2. Elf or no elf?
No!!! I do not have kids yet and right now, I am in fear of the elf and his face (don't laugh). But, when I do have a baby, then I will decide if I need to do elf on the shelf. I love the creative ideas though.

3. Christmas Cookies or No Baking for You? 
 I love Christmas cookies because I would bake them with my mom. Who knows that one day, I would make the same cookies that I made on Thanksgiving week.

4. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
My holiday tradition is that I will participate with  my church  on the Operation Christmas Child trip in Atlanta. This year, I am in a relationship and I may make a tradition of my own for when I have my family one day.

5. Favorite Christmas Movie? 
I am a huge Christmas movie fan such as Christmas Vacation and also Miracle on 34th Street. However, I am a fan of Prancer, I mean it is about one of the reindeer and I get chuckled at the singing in the beginning.  

6. Snow or No Snow?
Right now, no white Christmas :( However, only a girl can dream of one in her thoughts. I love snow and always wanted a snow day. 

7. Favorite Christmas Song? 
I am a big fan of Winter Wonderland and their feel. Just ask my Spotify playlist that have more Winter Wonderland songs. 

8. Favorite Gifts to Give and Get? 
I love to make stuff for everyone that is what I do, being a DIY girl all the time. However, I found out that the best gift is the gift that you make from the heart. 

I got a glass for me to drink out of with my initials on it like my own monogrammed one.
However, if I have to give everyone something, I would give gift cards such as Starbucks so they could save money.

That is all I have, remember to link up with her




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