February Currently

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Well, I am linking up for Farley's Currently...

 and I am blessed that I am finally up doing this.

Listening: I love The Suze Orman Show because she is awesome and that is good for this college girl who is graduating soon.

Loving: The fact that the Super Bowl is tomorrow and that I am ready for the Seahawks to beat the Patriots. Plus, I am sick of hearing about #Deflategate. It is annoying for me to hear that all the time.

Thinking: My best friend is getting married next Saturday and I am excited for her and her future husband.

Wanting: Well, I am planning my own wedding and when it comes later than sooner, then I will be ready and we would be prepared to walk down the aisle soon. Also, I am planning on moving to Birmingham sooner when I do get married so keep your eyes out for ring photos. I am an early planner and waiting patiently for the ring to come.

Needing: I have been sick and have a nasty toothache and I am waiting to feel better fully. Right now, I am feeling 45% better.

Pageant Title: I chose Miss Courteous because I am super nice and I love to make new friends.

Link up with Farley and see other Currentlys. Who knows, you may make new blogging friends.

Wordless Wednesday- Winter's Wonderful

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Well, my toothache is gone, but I have a new illness to combat. However, that would meant that I am linking up with Christina from Miss DeCarbo for her Wordless Wednesday.

Today, I got to do storytime with the kids and this is what we did...
Question: What is your favorite winter activity to do with the kids?

Thanks and God Bless

Movie Clip Monday Is Here!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015
Well, I love going on Youtube and finding educational clips for the children to look at. That is why I am linking up with my good blogging BFF Cheryl of Techie Turtle Teacher for her Movie Clip Monday.

I am excited for this because I really knew what the first one is.

I love this video because that was the first thing that was play at one of my first field experience class. I remember that when the teacher plays this song, then everyone would be in the room doing the movements. Also, that this was a song by one of my favorites, Dr. Jean.

Sunday Scoop: 1-25-15

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Today, I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop. I am excited for this week so far.
3 Things I have to do...
~go to a church fellowship for the ladies that I am in class with tonight. We are having pizza and also finger foods.
~ Because of the toothache and everything else that happened(pray for me), I am going to catch up on everything that I do and also write blog posts galore.
~Homework: a girl's dream said no student teacher ever.

2 Things I hope to do...
~I need to start back exercising and also focusing on what I need to do despite the fact that it is cold. Have anyone try exercising in the cold?
~I am a DIY girl so I need to work on a few projects and even try up knitting.

1 Thing I'm Happy To Do...
~I am happy to announce that my memories linky party would be live next week, however, this week, I am writing out the rules and if anyone wants them early, then email me and I will send you them, however, anyone else will wait on Thursday for the rules to be released.

I am so excited for this week. Remember to link up with them and see other Sunday Scoops.

Wordless Wednesday: Morning and Night Routines

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hey guys, I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but man being sick with a toothache can be horrible. However, I am linking up with Christina from Miss DeCarbo for her Wordless Wednesday.

Question: What is your morning and night routines, if you have any?

Remember to link up with her and spread the blogger love.

Sunday Scoop 1-18-15

Sunday, January 18, 2015
I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop...

3 Things I have to do...
1. Is there a reason to explain this one. I mention this every Sunday Scoop.
2. I need to catch up on online bible studies due to my nasty toothache.
3. I am studying for tests and they are about to be the death of me.

2 Things I hope to do...
1. Well, I am enjoying walking because it soothes me and also I can retreat to my peaceful time.
2. I am volunteering at the public library and I got to get ready for the story time to tell the kids. I have a quick question...What books should I read the kids?

1 Thing I'm happy to do...
I am excited to announce that in a couple of weeks, I am going to do a linky party based on memory lane that each of us took. What that means is that I am working on the rules and graphics and when I am ready, next Sunday I will talk more about this and if you want, start finding some old photos of you when you were a kid or even back then and let's have a walk down memory lane.

Link up with them and also check out some wonderful Sunday Scoops

Wordless Wednesday 1-14-15

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Time to link up with Christina from Miss DeCarbo for her Wordless Wednesday. I love these because it is more fun and also a great way to get to know others and see what they post.

I made a resolution that i would be more organized and that would also mean that I need to be making notes of what is going on

Here is what I created last year that is a bit hit with myself...
Question: What do you use to be organized and ready for the next day?

Sunday Scoop 1-11-15

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Well, time to link up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.
I love this because it gives readers a look inside my week coming up soon.
3 Things I Have To Do...
~I have to start on homework from my new school!!! I am so excited to start the next journey.
~I am going to have to exercise because my best friend is getting married and I need to trim down the weight for the wedding and my beautiful boyfriend.
~I am doing an online bible study with Good Morning Girls and also with Love God Greatly and I am excited to see what God will do in my life.

2 Things I Hope To Do...
~I am making some wedding glasses for my best friend and her future husband that I am excited to see get married in front of God.
~I am creating linky parties that would be perfect for February and late January.

1 Thing I'm Happy To Do...
I am announcing that with the new year, I am excited that I am starting a new leaf on life and I am excited to see what God has in store with me such as a future with my boyfriend and also what I am doing such as graduating in 2016. It is official!!!!

Link up with them and see other Sunday Scoops

Have a Happy Day!!!

The Story Behind the Logo

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Well, everyone wants to know about how I got the name and logo of The Dots of Teaching. Art With Jenny K created a fun linky that would give readers a chance to learn about the logos.

Well, this blog went through some sort of an identity crisis the past few years. However, my love for teaching has not wavered. One day, I was reading this wonderful children's book called The Dot
I started to think about what I want my classroom to be which is a polka dot themed classroom. However, there are times that I would often think of if I want my future classroom theme to fit the blog name, and that is how The Dots of Teaching came to light.

One Lovely Award

Friday, January 9, 2015
I made a pact to myself that I would blog more and bring useful content towards the whole entire blogging community. I was nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award by Krista at The Quinntessential Mommy which makes me perfect. Thanks Krista for the shout out and the award nomination, I am so excited.

Here are the rules for the award:
  1. Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Here are 7 things about me that you may or may not know:

  1. I was almost born in Walmart. Long story short, but my mother went to work while she was having contractions with me and that ended up with her being in labor with me while she was working. Yes, I was almost a Walmart baby.
  2. I am a huge Alabama fan (Roll Tide) and I am also a Duke fan when it comes to Basketball because my boyfriend is a Syracuse fan and they are rivals in basketball.
  3. I have been in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man for over a year now. I am also excited to see what the future holds for the both of us.
  4. I am a huge Television fan from Supernatural to The Walking Dead. Plus, do not laugh, I even love American Greed and Investigation Discovery.
  5. I love to create crafts and other projects. I am a DIY girl and that is more enjoyable.
  6. I have already planned my wedding, just waiting for the right time for me to get married and I also planned my family. A girl's gotta dream.
  7. I am blessed that I was given God's ability to write and also to blog about what is going on. I love doing this job and also love to become a teacher.
Now for the task of nominating 15 bloggers for the award. You guys are wonderful and also are the reasons that I nominated you. When you are done, then post back with your nomination and I cannot wait to see your posts. Congrats.
  1. Kathryn @ Kathryn Loves Teaching
  2. Melanie @ Confessions of a Kodaly Music Teacher
  3. Molly @ Ms. Patrician's All-Star Music
  4. Aimee @ Taking On Second
  5. Katie @ Living The First Grade Dream
  6. Kelly @ Lattes and Lunchrooms
  7. Alexandria @ Classroom Action With Mrs. Jackson
  8. Alisha @ Missing Tooth Grins
  9. Ms. Makinson @ Ms. Makinson
  10. Chandra @ Teaching With Crayons and Curls
  11. Paige @ Paiges of Learning
  12. Kristin And Lindsey @ 2 Literacy Teachers
  13. Whitney @ First Grade Round-Up
  14. Meredith @ Creativity to the Core
  15. Lauren @ A Teachable Teacher

Positive Thinking Thursday: 1-8-15

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Wow, I cannot believe that I did not post with this in a while. I am linking up with Jennifer over at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her Positive Thinking Thursday.

I love #oneword2015 because it gives me a sense of what I am accomplishing in the future. I choose fearless to be my word because it gives me a sense of what is to happen when time could be served. Also, since I was worried so much last year, I thought that this year would be a huge year for me to accomplish.

I love this quote because it gave me a sense of what it is like to become fearless.

Link up with Jennifer and show some comments love for the other bloggers who link up

Wordless Wednesday-1-7-15

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
I did not even know that it was Wednesday and the first Wednesday of 2015. So, I am linking up with Christina of Miss DeCarbo for her Wordless Wednesday
  So here it is:

I am participating in the One Word of 2015 and I chose fearless...Here is a quote...
Question: What is your one word for 2015?

My Favorite Things 1-7-15

Well, I cannot believe that this is here. But, I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Favorite Things linky party.
I love this idea because it gives a sense of what is to be expected when it comes to what my favorite things are. I remember watching TV shows for children when I was a little girl and it got me thinking what my first set of Favorite Things is going to be...

Here are my favorite TV shows for classrooms...
1. The Magic School Bus
~This is one of my favorite TV shows to this day. I love how the show is more focused on science and when I was a teacher's aide, I would see the children watch the show and they enjoyed it.

2. Barney
~ Ok, before anyone laughs at me, I remember when I was a little girl, I would watch Barney and Friends and I would know more about each subject that we are learning in class. It still surprises me that most kids are learning from Barney today even after the show is over.
3. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
~ I love this show because it gives me a sense of what I love when I start watching this at 3 years old. The children at my school would watch this and they would be more fascinating for them to see how the children are at the same age watching this. They also learn stuff from this too. 

Honorablee Mentions: Sesame Street, Clifford The Big Red Dog: The reason is that it was a difficult decision to make because they are all my favorites.

Question: What are your favorite TV shows growing up that can be used for classrooms?

Link up with Teaching Trio and see all the other Favorite Things.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Evernote and How To Use It

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Well, after some break from the whole thing, I am linking up with Cheryl from Techie Turtle Teacher for her Tech Tip Tuesday.

I am going to give you guys a tip about how to use Evernote and that would be great with teachers when it comes to class and also when you guys need to organize.

Evernote is designed for us to collect our thoughts and also what we want to teach students in the future and put them in the app for further use. You can make multiple accounts if you want for your personal and for your professional use. It is also a great way to create a portfolio for others to use.

There are many tools to Evernote that I am going to talk to you guys about, like some that I love to show you.

1. Text: This tool can pretty much be where you will write what is going on and also what you down in your notebooks and what you will put down so you could see how it is done.

2. Camera: You could capture what you are doing and keep it as a photo for you to go back towards.

3.  Handwriitng: This is where the fun really begins. You could use your finger or pointer and write something for you to use. Also, it could be used as as a reminder for you whenever you could.
4. Reminder: This could also be used as a way for you to see what you need to do soon.

Well, that is the question that many people can use. But, here is how you can use it.

The first thing is that I would figure out which tool on Evernote that I want to use which would be text for me.
Then, you need to write something that would be a great reminder for you.

I wrote a reminder that I would be able to schedule blog posts, now I need to figure out when I would schedule it.
Then, I would press OK and Voila, the reminder is set for me to see.
That is how you use Evernote. It could also be used as a portfolio. I would be back next Tuesday for another edition of what I used to keep me organized.

Thanks and remember to link up with Cheryl on her blog.

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